The Blues Vault

Here you will discover Blues Artists we have featured in the past here on our website homepage, as well as on our Facebook page.
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Annika Chambers

​​Annika Chambers' star is on the rise these days. After serving over seven years in the military, she left to pursue her dream as a performing artist.

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Benny Turner

​​Born in Gilmer, Texas, Benny and his older brother, blues legend Freddie King, learned to play guitar from their mother, Ella Mae (King) Turner and her brothers Leon and Leonard King.

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Billy Boy Arnold

​​Born in Chicago, he began playing harmonica as a child, and in 1948 received informal lessons from his near neighbour John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson, shortly before the latter's death.

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Brad Absher

​​One of the many unique things about checking out the Brad Absher Band live is they always hit the crowd with covers from the likes of John Hiatt, Keith Richards ....

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Evelyn Rubio

​​Born in Mexico, raised in Neza City, this bi-lingual vocalist and sax player is ready to step out front with her command of the stage and solid credentials.

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John McVey

​​John McVey is a veteran of Texas Blues, who created his signature tone and earned his aggressive guitar chops as a member of touring bands on the Chitlin’ Circuit. He was mentored by Blues legends Larry Davis and Albert King.

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Savoy Brown

​​Savoy Brown, originally known as the Savoy Brown Blues Band, are an English blues rock band formed in Battersea, south west London in 1965.

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Seasick Steve

​​Seasick Steve, is an American blues musician. He plays mostly personalized guitars, and sings, usually about his early life doing casual work

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Steve Krase

​​Steve was born in Brooklyn NY and has spent time in Ohio, California and Louisiana. Now almost 20 years in Houston, Steve has blended his high energy style with the soulful vibe that runs through the great city of Houston.

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Sugaray Rayford

​​Texas born Caron “Sugaray” Rayford began his musical career at the age of 7 singing & playing drums in church, and his gospel influence can be heard and felt in his music. Rayford's phrasing is intimate and conversational and the soulful gravel in his voice hints at his firsthand experience with hardship.

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Tony Vega

​​Vega is a fluid guitarist and a kick-ass Texas-twang blues singer. Exceptional in every way.

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From the gulf coast metropolis of Houston, Texas, Sparky Parker's potent combo of blistering lead guitar work and soulful voice is a force to be reckoned with. For over a decade, he has honed his craft and made a name for himself playing in bands like Bayou Monster, Mojofromopolis, and Funky Mustard. Now Sparky is focused on fronting his own band, The Sparky Parker Band, and just released his debut album Live In Houston in May 2015. His hard-rockin', blues-based sound harkens back to the glory days of The Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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Sparky Parker